his rehabilitation tool is oriented to efficiently complement the physical-cognitive recovery of people who have suffered a stroke and provide quality information to professionals and institutions that accompany them.
All if this is supported by a technological architecture that, through a symbiosis between traditional clinical methodologies and AI tools, Virtual Reality and Motion Capture, allows to open new ways of rehabilitation for patients in the recovery phase of a stroke.

The results of this development translate into (I) an Artificial Intelligence system that allows to establish a dynamic and personalized rehabilitation plan for each patient, learning, evolving progressively and adapting to the patient’s progress during the recovery process; (II) use of Virtual Reality tools for the construction of an immersive virtual environment where the user can perform the exercises according to the rehabilitation phase in which he/she is in a comfortable and intuitive way; (III) implementation of a movement capture system that allows obtaining information about the motor capacities of the upper and lower limbs of the patients.



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Kanzo contributes to the definition of the innovation project and the technological infrastructure, as well as to the project management from an R&D perspective.


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