Currently, software is the engine that moves the world, therefore, any business is a software business. Both small and large companies have to face great challenges in order to develop, evolve and maintain systems and applications that respond to the expectations and needs of their customers today.

What do we do?

Back-end development

The back-end is the brain of your application. Kanzo can help you with a back-end design and architecture that allows adequate scalability, interoperability, adaptability, concurrency, and integration.

CTO as a Service

For us, CaaS it’s physically finding a chief (or group of experienced people) that will be responsible for your project/service/technology’s success and will be responsible for delivering it to your clients easily, quickly, and securely.


Kanzo can help in the process of standardizing how your organization collects, store, transform, distribute, and use data. The goal is to deliver relevant data to people who need it, when they need it, and help them make sense of it.


From Kanzo we ask you, what is infrastructure for you? helping you and understanding what are the elements that make up your infrastructure. Subsequently, a declarative approach defines the desired state of the system, including what resources you need and any properties they should have, and an IaC tool will configure it for you. 

We want to accompany the IT teams on their way to digital transformation, designing (or re-designing), and developing their digitalization strategies. We help you to be a “technologically agnostic” and to be able to reuse and evolve your resources in a more efficient way.

How do we do it?

tech wings

We are very proud of our «tech wings». As a result of our experience and the capacity of our team, in recent years we have innovated and developed our own tools that we put at your disposal.

tech mantras

We find out, we try, we fail, we go on, we hit… All this is possible because we have been searching for years and trying out those approaches and tools that allow us to realize our vision.

We help you to reduce the gap between “domain-business” and “technology”, facilitating the integration of your different work teams, reducing time, and increasing the efficiency of the resources.

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