The project is based on a software platform that, through conversational Artificial Intelligence techniques, interacts directly with patients, their portable devices, data sources, and databases, acting as a virtual assistant that learns and improves the decision-making process, providing support to patients with reminders and information and resolving medical doubts.

As a result of the project, the aim is to enhance the functional capacity of the initial tool, favoring its flexibility, capacity to integrate new services and specialization in new contexts through the development of a distributed multi-agent architecture and the elaboration of a declarative model of service description that allows associating the semantic concepts extracted from conversations with users with specific functionalities and services included in the platform.


Project submitted and waiting for funds

what we do

Kanzo contributes to the definition and development of the multi-agent infrastructure of the platform, as well as the definition of declarative models based on NLP for the description and linking of the services that comprise it.


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