The main objective of this project is to develop a technical infrastructure aimed at promoting identity sovereignty on the part of users, which is a claim that has been made for a long time, both from the scientific community and from the political and legislative spheres. As part of this main objective, and in collaboration with a company oriented to identity certification services and with a university department specialized in semantic technologies, this project aims to develop a platform that offers the functionality of a One Stop Shop for digital identity.

By designing a combination of centralized and decentralized architectures, we want to help solve some of today’s most difficult trust challenges. To do this, we will work to develop solutions and services that prioritize privacy and offer powerful ways to increase trust and prove information about people, organizations and assets, to help create a new kind of identity services through digital trust.



what we do

Kanzo Tech contributes to the construction of the technical requirements specification with respect to the SSI service structure, as well as to the functional development of the SSI services themselves.


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